General Regualtions of the 14th Eurasia International Film Festival, Astana, 01-07 July 2018

1. General Provisions

1.1. The 14th Eurasia International Film Festival (Festival) was founded by the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Culture and Sport (Ministry).

1.2. The mission of the Festival is to promote Kazakh films as art and industry, raise public awareness about cinematic arts and strengthen international cooperation.

1.3. The Festival’s objectives are, as follows:

- Grow and strengthen international relations in the field of film with a special focus on prospective co-production and distribution partners for Kazakh films in Europe, Asia, Americas, Central Asia and CIS countries

- Position the Festival as a unique cultural and cinematic bridge between Europe and Asia

- Present and promote the best film projects and achievements of the Kazakh film industry

- Grow partnerships with international film community

- Establish and promote business relations between producers, investors and distributors from Europe and Asia

- Promote Kazakh films at other international film festivals, including A class festivals

- Increase interest and patriotic sentiments towards homegrown films among Kazakh audiences

- Disseminate information on Kazakh culture and cinema among local and international media.

1.4. The Festival is accredited by the International Federation of Film producers Associations (FIAPF) as a specialized competition festival.

1.5. The Festival is to be held within 01 – 07 July 2018 in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.6. In the scope of the Festival, the Eurasia Film Market (Film Market) is to be held within 01 - 04 July 2018 in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.7. The Festival’s working languages are English, Kazakh and Russian.

2. Festival’s Organization

2.1. The Festival Directorate (Directorate) is in charge the Festival’s organization.

2.2. Festival venues:

* Festival opening and closing venue: Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall

* Film screening venues: Chaplin multiplex in MEGA Silk Way Mall and Khan Shatyr Mall

* Festival Center and Film Market: Hotel Wyndham Garden Astana

* Press Center: Kazmedia Ortalygy

* PROCC: Hotel Wyndham Garden Astana

* Guests’ accommodation: Hilton Astana Hotel, Hotel Wyndham Garden Astana.

2.3. Festival organizers and partners:

* Customer: Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Culture and Sports

* Vendor: Eurasia-Astana IFF Directorate.

* Media Partners: Хабар, Ел Арна,,,, Давай Сходим! Астана, Киноафиша, и др.

2.4. Festival Directorate:

* President: А.К. Mussakhadjayeva

* Executive Director: О. Mussabekov, +7(777)222-45-55.

* Program Director: D. Ashimova, +7(777)272-60-15.

* Legal Counsel: B. Sabyrjanova, +7(702)624-84-55.

* Chief Accountant: F. Abdimuratova, +7(701)788-94-78.

* HQ Head: К. Tleuova, +7(702)244-77-54.

* Head of Press department: N.Samuratova, +7 702 465 31 37

* Full-length and short films’ official selection committee: at least 5 individuals.

3. Festival Participation Terms

3.1. Film organizations and filmmakers from all countries are invited to take part in the Festival.

3.2. The Festival program is comprised of, as follows:

- Official Competition of at least 12 (twelve) full-length films made in 2017-2018 in Asia and Europe with a duration of at least 60 minutes, with no genre or theme restrictions

- Official Competition of Short Films - at least 25 (twenty-five) short features and animation films made in 2017-2018 with a duration of at least 7 minutes and not longer than 40 minutes, with no genre or theme restrictions

- CARAVAN, a selection of films from Turkic-speaking countries and Central Asian countries: at least 10 (ten) films made in 2017-2018

- SPECIAL EVENT, an out-of-competition retrospective of films of various time and genre from international film masters, including anniversary films, Festival’s opening and closing films, at least 4 (four) films

- NETPAC CHOICE out-of-competition programs: at least 3 (three) films in the program

- OBJECTIVE, an out-of-competition documentaries’ retrospective: at least 10 (ten) films

- AROUND THE WORLD, world cinema program: at least 8 (eight) films

- FROM THE HEART OF EURASIA, an out-of-competition program of best contemporary Kazakh films made in 2017-2018: at least 8 (eight) films.

- A total number of Festival Competition and Out-of-Competition programs: at least 8 (eight) programs

- A total number of films featured in all Festival programs: at least 100 (one hundred) films

- There is no restriction for off-competition films’ release dates.

- Festival’s Program Office shall identify the number of films in off-competition programs in line with each off-competition program’s mission and objectives.

3.3. For its Competition program, the Festival accepts films in DCP and Blu-ray digital formats with subtitles in English and Russian languages.

Film copies selected for Festival Competition screenings should be submitted to the Directorate to the address specified in the Attachment hereto by 20 June 2018.

3.4. In other Festival programs, films accepted in the following formats: DCP, Blu-ray, Cinando VL.

Film copies selected for screening in other Festival programs should be submitted to the Directorate to the address specified in the Attachment hereto by 25 June 2018.

3.5. A film selected into any Festival program cannot be revoked after the official confirmation of its selection.

3.6. During the Festival, each film may be screened no more than 3 (three) times.

3.7. All terms and deadlines are mandatory, otherwise the Directorate reserves the right to terminate a film’s participation.

3.8. Those willing to submit a film for participation in Festival programs, need to fill in the Participant’s Form (please see the Attachment) and submit a screener on DVD or via a download link by 15 May 2018. A screener must be subtitled in English or Russian.

3.9. Films for the Competition shall be selected by a Selection Committee consisting of at least 5 (five) members upon recommendation by the Festival’s Program Office. Films for off-competition programs shall be selected by the Program Office supervised by Program Director.

3.10. Upon notification on selection of their film, film authors need to submit confirmation of their participation to the Directorate, as well as the following documents:

- Subtitles list (dialogue continuity) in English or Russian languages

- Film-relevant information and materials as per the list in the Attachment.

3.11. Costs related to transportation of Competition and off-competition film copies to Astana and back (Sender’s Airport – Astana – Sender’s Airport) shall be borne by the inviting party. The Festival reserves the right to share film copies’ transportation costs with partner festivals. The inviting party shall pay for non-commercial screening rights, insurance and customs clearance of films selected for Festival participation.

3.12. Film copy senders shall notify the Directorate on a film transportation means, and fax or email the relevant airwaybill copy.

Costs related to storage and insurance of copies of films selected for Festival programs shall be paid by the inviting party.

3.13. Full-length films selected for Festival Competition should be represented by at least one member of its film crew (director, actor/actress, producer) during the award ceremony.

3.14. Costs related to travel (return tickets) and accommodation of representatives of films selected for Festival programs shall be borne by the inviting party.

3.15. The Directorate shall be in charge of guest relations (their invitation, terms of their stay, Festival accreditation)

Festival guests’ stay terms shall be specified by the Directorate in guests’ personal invitations.

3.16. The deadline for Directorate’s acceptance of guests’ accreditation requests is 20 June 2018. The deadline for Directorate’s acceptance of press accreditation requests is 25 June 2018.

4. Festival Jury and Nominations

4.1. An International Jury (Jury) shall be established to assess Competition films. Full-length films will be evaluated by an International Jury consisting of at least 5 (five) members. Short films will be evaluated by an International Jury consisting of at least 5 (five) members. The Directorate approves the Jury panel members.

Individuals who took part in creation and/or commercial distribution of Competition films may not act as Jury members.

4.2. An independent international juries of NETPAC (Network for Promotion of Asian Cinema) and FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) of at least 3 (three) members in each jury. The Directorate reserves the right to nominate additional jury panels for other Festival programs.

4.3. Costs related to Jury members’ travel (return tickets), accommodation, payment of fees and transportation during the Jury members’ stay shall be borne by the inviting party.

4.4. The Jury shall identify winners in following nominations and award Eurasia prizes and accompanying monetary rewards, as follows:

Full-length Films Competition:

- Grand Prix for the Best Film and KZT 3,000,000.00 (three million Kazakh tenge) (awarded to a Best Film producer)

- Best Director and KZT 2,000,000.00 (two million Kazakh tenge)

- Special Jury Prize and KZT 1,000,000.00 (one million Kazakh tenge)

- Best Male Lead and KZT 1,000,000.00 (one million Kazakh tenge)

- Best Female Lead and KZT 1,000,000.00 (one million Kazakh tenge)

Short Films Competition:

- Grand Prix for the Best Short Film and KZT 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand Kazakh tenge) (awarded to a Best Short Film producer).

The Directorate reserves the right to establish additional prizes in other Festival programs.

4.5. Monetary Reward Payment Procedure:

- Republic of Kazakhstan residents shall receive their monetary reward in Kazakh tenge by wire transfer to their personal accounts within 10 (ten) bank days after the Festival closing ceremony

- Non-residents shall receive their monetary rewards in freely convertible currency by wire transfer to their personal accounts within 10 (ten) bank days after the Festival closing ceremony

- In line with the Republic of Kazakhstan tax laws, personal income tax (10% (ten percent) for the Republic of Kazakhstan residents and 20% (twenty percent) for non-residents) amounts shall be withheld from the monetary rewards’ amounts.

4.6. The Jury shall be entitled to:

- Abstain from awarding prizes in any Festival nomination

- Justify awarding of the Festival prizes.

4.7. The Jury shall:

- Take part in screenings and discussions of all Competition films

- Take decisions by means of an open voting.

4.8. Decisions on awarding the prizes shall be documented in a protocol signed by all Jury members.

4.9. The Jury decisions shall be announced during the Festival closing ceremony; they shall be final and shall not be subject to revision.

4.10. Public organizations/associations and other organizations, as well as sponsors may establish their own prizes and awards to the Festival contestants, which should be agreed with the Directorate by 20 June 2018.

5. Film Market Organization Plan

5.1. Film companies and filmmakers from all countries are invited to take part in the Film Market.

5.2. Eurasia Film Market entails:

- Presentations of new film projects of Kazakh and international filmmakers at any stage of development. Screening of film trailers and fragments. Briefing on projects in preproduction

- Screenings of Kazakh and international films in production or completed in 2017 – 2018 in the Film Market screening rooms or Chaplin Mega Silk Way movie halls (upon request)

- National Showcase: countries presenting their film projects with co-production and sales potential, production and postproduction companies, locations, film commissions, film schools, and etc.

- Round tables and discussions devoted to Kazakh and international film industries’ challenges

- Master classes from the Film Market guests, international film industry experts

- Eurasia Pitching event: special presentation of Kazakh projects in preproduction assessed by international expert panel.

5.3. Films and video footage in all digital formats, including DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, digital files for upload in Cinando VL, are accepted for demonstration at the Film Market events.

5.4. Applications for screening of films in DCP format need to be approved by the Directorate by 25 June 2018.

5.6. Film Market will showcase:

- At least 15 (fifteen) Kazakh film companies

- At least 10 (ten) international film companies

- At least 15 (fifteen) Kazakh films and film projects

- At least 10 (ten) film companies' information booths and booths devoted to various film issues

5.6. Topics of the Film Market and Festival round tables and master classes shall be determined by the Festival Directorate.

6. International and Kazakh Media Work Plan

6.1. To ensure a large scale media coverage of the 14th Eurasia-Astana IFF by international and local media, the Directorate shall establish a Festival Press Center, issue press releases, provide the media outlets with all relevant information materials.

6.2. The Directorate shall organize press conferences of Competition program participants and Festival guests.

6.3. The Directorate shall produce advertising materials, audio and video clips, organize and pay for the Festival’s advertising campaign in print media, radio and television channels, city outdoor ads. The Directorate shall organize production of Festival video diaries that will be aired daily on Kazakhstan television channel during the Festival. Also, these video diaries will be posted on social media, YouTube and official web profiles of the Festival.

6.4. To promote the Festival internationally, the Directorate shall cooperate with specialized international media outlets, pay for journalists’ travel and accommodation in Astana.

6.5. At least 30 information materials (articles, interview, reviews, photo reports and etc.) by international and local print media (with circulation of at least 20,000 print copies) and 5 television broadcasts are planned as a follow-up of the 14th edition of Eurasia-Astana IFF media coverage.

7. Finalization of the Festival

7.1. After the Festival’s closing ceremony and up to 31 December 2018, the Directorate shall perform the following works:

- Submit a report on the 14th Eurasia-Astana IFF operation and results to the Ministry

- Follow up the Festival conferences and round tables, analyze and systematize the expert recommendations stated during such conferences and round tables regarding the Kazakh film industry development

- Evaluate prospects of cooperation with international film community and draw a road map for Festival and Film Market further development

- Continue work related to performance of agreements with international partners achieved during the Festival and the Film Market.

8. Closing Provisions

8.1. Participation in the Festival implies observance of all provisions hereof. The Directorate shall have the right to solve issues not referred to herein, in line with the Directory of FIAPF-accredited Film Festivals.

8.2. Adress and contact details of the Eurasia Film Festival Directorate: 010000, 7/4 Kumsuat Passage, Saryarka District, Astana Email:, Website: