On 8 May, Cannes Film Festival opened at the French Cote d’Azure. The festival will close on 19 May 2018. Kazakhstan opened its National Pavilion on the day of the festival’s official opening. Best Kazakh films of recent years and works of young Kazakh filmmakers will be presented in the pavilion. 

Among 230 pavilions of various countries, Kazakh pavilion is doing a lot for promotion of its film projects. New Kazakh films will be presented in the scope of the National Showcase. The public will be able to meet Kazakh filmmakers and see the trailers of the following films:

KAZAKH KHANATE. DIAMOND SWORD (Historic Epic directed by Roustam Abdrashev, AMRE (directed by Jeff Vespa), PROJECTIONIST (directed by Ermek Tursunov), TALAN (directed by Bolat Kalymbetov) and ARUAQ (directed by Khuat Akhmetov).

Also, the lead male actors, Sanjar Madiyev of Amre and Assanali Ashimov of Aruaq, will take part in presentations of their respective films.

Legendary Kazakh actor Assanali Ashimov’s birthday coincided with the Cannes Film Festival opening.

“I am happy to see Kazakh cinema’s new rise. What is important, thanks to the state and our President’s support, new generation of filmmakers have a chance to make their own festival-worthy films”, said Mr. Ashimov at the National Pavilion’s opening in Cannes.

He also said, “Actor’s skills belong to the world. Actors have to strive to express themselves as best as they can. They have to have a personality and glorifying their country first be able to work in the international markets. I wish our Kazakh films to win global fame!”

Kazakhstan opens its own presentation space under the aegis of Roohanee Jangyroo program and 20th anniversary of Astana and Kazakh Arts University. The main concept is to present Eurasia Film Festival that will be held in Kazakh capital on 1 – 6 July this year.

“Currently, the Festival Directorate has meetings re film market, jury panel and promotion of Kazakh films. Kazakh cinema gets more exposure in the world. Today we have received invitations from a French Festival, Festival of Asian Films, New York Film Festival and other prestigious festivals’, noted Aiman Mussakhodjayeva, president of Eurasia Film Festival.

We would like to remind you that Kazakh filmmakers had already won the Un Certain Regard’s Grand Prix: Darejan Omirbayev with Killer in 1998 and Sergei Dvortsevoi with Tulip in 2008.

This year, Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard program selected Adilkhan Yerjanov’s The Gentle Indifference of the World, Cinefondation selected End of Season by Jannat Alshanova, Olga Korotko’s Bad Bad Winter is screened in the ACID program, and shorts Hide and Seek by Venera Kairjanova and Assan by Berik Jakhanov were selected for Short Film Corner in the scope of Marche du film.

Kazakh delegation includes government officials, creative intellectuals, prominent Kazakh film and television figures, students of Film and TV Department of Kazakh National Arts University.

Kazakhstan National Pavilion was launched with the support of Kazakh Ministry Culture and Sports.

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