They’re Like That... Shooghyla Serjan

SHOOGHYLA SERJAN (ШҰҒЫЛА СЕРЖАН) has repatriated to Kazakhstan from China and enrolled at the Film Directing Department for a course of Yerlan Nurmukhambetov.

Her student films get highest grades, and the script of Samal praises from her professor. The film was to be made in Kazakh National Arts University campus but the student film crew chose locations in Almaty Region as its mountainous terrain served as inspiration during the screenwriting process. Renowned actors who were touched by the script took part in making of the film.

The film got five awards in Best Film, Best Script, Best Female Lead, B. Nogherbek Special Diploma and Choice of Magazine nominations at the Ooshkyn Student Films festival.

Also, Samal got the Grand Prix of KinostArt festival and was nominated in the category Best Short Film of the upcoming 2018 Critics’ Choice Award.

In the meantime, the sophomore intends to send her film to international festivals and writes her new script.

Watch Samal here:

Password: kaznui.

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