Film plot

The story begins with the arrival of Mila to her hometown and her mother. Here she meets her older sister and her new boyfriend - a young oriental handsome Rustam. Galya is in love with him and expects a child from him. Despite this circumstance, Mila liked him very much. She is ready to leave her rich sponsor in Moscow. Their passions got the better of them, all these passions hurt their mother, she loves her daughters. Mother is openly against the new son-in-law, because this person is a stranger to her mentality and culture.

Against that backdrop the children of Galina were left alone, two boys from the first marriage, who are already see what is happening. Once, they decide to leave the house for good, to their father that died in the clay pit. When women have already lost the hope of finding the children, Rustam comes to the rescue!

The relevance of this film is obvious. Any family, like a mini-system, is part of a large system like society. This puts the follwoing important issues on the agenda: the coexistence of different generations and cultures; what is happiness and what price a woman pays in pursuit of it; how to solve material, domestic and moral problems.

It is no accident that the film has an image of clay, as a symbol of mediocrity, routine relations in the modern world and dirt, which absorbs all life and the present.

Director - Vera Glagoleva - a well-known actress and director such films as "One War" and "Two Women" , which received the highest ratings of professionals and viewers.

From an interview with Vera Glagoleva:

«... We took this theme not only because it is relevant, but also because it is, above all, a human drama. It allows you to think about why close people cannot find the language of communication among themselves, and my main message in this story is to find and show what can unite all of them! "

Mother - Tatiana Vladimirova - People's Artist of Russia From 1993 to the present she has been the actress of the Moscow theater "ET Cetera" under the leadership of Alexander Kalyagin.

From an interview: «... Mother is love, first of all. And in this story she herself is missing it, and so are her girls, her daughters. We all believe that we haven't gotten enough love when we were kids: mom didn't care enough, maybe dad,  the country, whatever. My heroine doesn't even know what it is - love - and it is absolutely clear when she tells Milka about the abortion and supports her in this. She would like Galina to have an abortion too, that's what's terrible ...

Rustam - Sanjar Madi - He was born in 1986 in Almaty (Kazakhstan). He studied at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts as a theater director and in the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California, specializing in film making.

From an interview: «...  "My hero Rustam received a moral trauma and after that his life went not as he imagined. The movie shows us his rehabilitation process. He, passing through spiritual thorns, begins to understand who he is, why he came here, what fate wants from him. What did I feel when I was offered this role? I was delighted, because whatever role was involved in this project, it was already the main for me, especially since I would work with Vera Glagoleva. It is an honor for me."

Galya - Anna Kapaleva - Born in 1979 in the city of Lodeinoe Pole, Leningrad region. In 1996 she entered the Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Art, specializing in directing and teaching, organizing theater festivals and performances.

From an interview: "... Actually, I think this is a real story and there is such a family and so they live. In my understanding, my heroine Galina has never been happy as a woman. Rustam is the man she has been waiting for, he is her first love and I play it. My Galina met Rustam and understood that for the sake of this man she was ready to do anything! Basically, what she tells about family and future is right. It seems to her that things will work out and the children and mother will understand everything, so long as Rustam was near and loved her. I even feel sorry for her, because she does not understand that through betraying her children, she will not get any prosperity nor true love. "

Milka - Lilia Volkova - Born in 1983 in Smolensk. She graduated from GITIS workshop of L. Kheifits. From 2004 to the present, the leading actress of the Mossovet Theater.

From an interview: "... I do not think the character Milka, which I play, is far-fetched. Such girls definitely exist there and I met them. I know what's in their heads and what they think when they easily break the fate of others. They do not care: sister, brother, mother, father, they rely on their "want", not thinking about anything else. But then they are all pay a very high price for that. I played my heroine with honesty and sincerity. I want her to make a traces on the soul of people and make them think. This is important."

Sergunya - Dmitry Krivochurov - Born in 1986 in Voronezh. In 2014 he graduated from the Voronezh State Academy of Arts, Drama faculty, the course of V.V. Topolaga. Actor of "Theater.Doc" in Moscow.

From an interview: "... My hero Sergunya is a man who "fools around" and tells everyone the truth for which he is forgiven. With this simplicity, even childishness, the viewers love him. Perhaps he is the only person who truly loves Milka and worries about Galina as the widow of his best friend. His tragedy is that he sees and understands that he clearly loses in a fight with Rustam. Sergunya and Rustam are a clash of two mentality, two cultures, opposition and the inevitability of being close."

Script writer - Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina - Script writer, playwright, writer. The winner and nominee of the dramaturgic prizes "New drama". "Eurasia", "Lyubimovka".

From an interview: "NOT A STRANGER" is a drama on misunderstanding that separates not only people brought up in different cultural traditions, but also the closest ones - children and parents, sisters, beloved ones. In the global world, these problems sound more acute, I think this conflict will be understood by the people from different parts of the earth. In the course of the work, Vera asked me to make some significant changes to the plot. This is how Rustam has family, a new finale, new accents and a new future for all the characters. I am happy that in this future there is hope for the best. "

Camera director - Aleksander Nosovsky - a member of the Union of  the Filmmakers of Russia.

From an interview: "The most important thing with which began our conversation with Vera, was that we would not shoot such films, as she used to shoot and  as I used to shot it. We will do everything differently. Initially, the idea was to make black and white  movie, but then, when the Parsukovsky quarry was approved, snow came off and the elegant texture of its earth layers showed up, we realized that it was necessary to make the movie in color, it would be such a pity to lose this visual texture "

Composer - Sergey Banevich - Author of music for more than 40 films. His operas "The Story of Kai and Gerda", "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" go on the stages of the most famous theaters of the country.

From an interview:  "... When I watched the material, Vera was no longer with us. Everything seemed to me so sad, and for a long time I could not get down to work, but after some time, I found, in my opinion, the right musical intonation, which even in the hopelessness of the existence of the film characters gives hope and light, as it was in other Vera's works. Above her was always the sky, which gave her strength, endurance and power over this world. "

Film editor - Alexander Amirov - from the interview - "For me, the most important part of this film is the theme of reckless passion. The feeling that have no reasonable roots, the logic of predictable development. This feeling is rooted in the subconsciousness, deepness, childishness. From some bottomless cosmic loneliness. Passion, rapidly filling the void and tearing the thin shell of the world. I think this is the motor of this story."

General producer - Natalia Ivanova - Member of the Cinematographers Union of Russia and the European Film Academy (EFA).

From an interview: "... I really wanted Vera to shoot this film, because she is the director, who will tell the story in her own way. She will definitely show us the art. An unsuccessful family is a pressure point of any society, it reflects all the most acute problems of our life. I really want the viewer to empathize with our heroes, because each of them, like any person on this earth, deserves happiness and love."