Film dubbed into the Kazakh language will be shown at the XIV “Eurasia” International film festival.

July 5, 2018 at 18.30 at the Chaplin MEGA Silk Way cinema, MEGA Silk Way shopping center in Astana and Cinemax Dostyk Multiplex cinema in the shopping center Dostyk Plaza in Almaty will be held a preview of the «Hotel Transylvania – 3» in the Kazakh language.

«Bolashak» Corporate foundation, BI Group, Marwin company and SONY Pictures have prepared for you a fascinating sequel of the cartoon  «Hotel Transylvania – 3/ Monstrlar demalysy – 3».

On July 12 will be released an exciting sequel to "Monstrlar Demalysy - 3", the heroes of the popular movie will speak the Kazakh language. According to the plot of the animated movie "Monstrlar Demalysy - 3" Dracula and his friends go on a cruise on a chic liner. Suddenly, Dracula falls in love with the captain of the ship - the mysterious and beautiful Ericа, and his daughter Mavis understands that the trip can turn into a nightmare: because Erica keeps a terrible secret that puts in danger all monsters!

«Monstrlar demalysy – 3» is the 25th film dubbed to Kazakh language by "Bolashak" Corporate Foundation. The director of the Kazakh dubbing and text handler was Aizhan Jamshitova. In total, more than 30 actors took part in the dubbing.

Organized by: «Bolashak» Corporate Foundation with the support of Marwin company

Sponsor of the dubbing: BI Group

Invitation only!

In theatres July 12!