We remind you that from 1 July 2018 the 14th EURASIA International Film Festival is started in Astana.

On 4 July in Astana at the film theater "Chaplin Khan Shatyr" within the program "From the heart of Eurasia” the premiere of the full-length animated film "Muzbalak" was held. The film was created by "Kazakhfilm" named after Sh.Aimanov commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The directors of the film are Tlek Toleugazy and Turdybek Maidan.

The plot, caused great curiosity among the audience, is the story of the golden eagle taming by man and friendship, based on the mutual trust of the bird and its owner. The film reveals the traditions of the ancient Kazakh culture of bird hunting.

During the diverse program of Eurasia, Gabriella Cristiani the famous film editor of Bertolucci, director and screenwriter visited the Kazakh National University of Arts. The hall was crowded with people and the meeting was held in a very cozy and friendly atmosphere, set by Cristiani, who told about her attitude to her craft and gave some simple but important advices:

"Since there is no way to learn how to edit from someone, I sincerely recommend that you watch as many different films as possible, pay attention to the editing style and learn it yourself. When you start editing the scene, the first thing to do is to turn to your heart and soul. While watching the material, you need to understand the director, turn to your feelings and slowly scroll the scene, grasp and feel everything again."

A little later, the famous camera operator Hiro Narita met with the students and fans of his work. During the meeting, Narita shared his experience and his path to creativity:

"When I was your age, a student at the University of the Arts, I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. I decided to enter the faculty of graphic design and successfully completed it. I had a diploma on "graphic design." Then, I was suddenly drafted to the army, where I spent three years and I became a completely different person. It was then that I realized that I wanted to do movies. I wanted to become a camera operator. The next ten years I spent in order to get the right to be called a camera operator. At first, I did everything to make money. One day, a person came up to me and said: "Will you make a movie for me?" I agreed, although I knew little about the filmmaking. That's how I started my life as a cameraman. This happened accidentally and for the rest of my life. My first film was not good and with a modest budget. However, I learned a lot on this first unsuccessful experience. As if, I became a student for this period again. It was the most valuable experience in my career."

In addition, Narita commented on the relationships between director and camera operator:

"First of all, the cameraman must understand what the director wants. He has no right to dictate his terms; his business is to understand exactly what the director wants. I will not express my ideas. A cameraman should make director's ideas grow."

During the 14th EURASIA IFF interesting meetings with the creators of the competitive films, the press conferences, "Eurasia Meetings" are held. We remind you that free festival screenings of films continue from 9:00 am in the cinema network "Chaplin Cinemas" located at the SRC "MegaSilkWay" and SRC "Khan Shatyr."