On 2 July 2018, the most vivid cultural event of this summer 14th EURASIA International Film Festival is continuing in Astana.

The interesting meetings were held as part of the 14th EURASIA IFF. At 12:00, the cult director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica met with students of Kazakh National University of Arts. The director shared some secrets of creating his films, the shooting process, the first and traditional moments in the filmmaker’s craft. Emir noticed that today there are many themes for the film scripts, but in the 21st century the scripts became different. There are new challenges, interests, and the viewer became more demanding. At the same time, with the new technologies one should have a good taste, impudence and a smartphone camera to create a good film.

Throughout the evening, the audience was actively involved in the conversation. The meeting was interesting not only for the filmmakers, but also for the rest of the audience.

One of the most important events of the film festival was the Collaboration Memorandum signing between Eurasia IFF (Aiman Musakhadzhayeva) and Prolog IFF (Oibek Abdushukurov, Uzbekistan). Oibek Abdushukurov invited the Kazakh delegation to the Uzbek film festival, which will be held this October.

At 15:00 the press conference with the participation of the Serbian director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica was held at the Wyndham Garden Astana Hotel. It should be reminded that Emir visited Astana for the first time. During the press conference, he noted that the city impressed him:

"While I was driving from the airport, I had time to admire Astana. During these two days, I have seen a lot. I like your architecture, your style, your infrastructure. In my opinion, you have a unique city with wonderful people.  Your president in just 20 years managed to build a big and beautiful city."

Emir shared his opinion on recently watched Kazakhstani film "The Owners" by Adilkhan Erzhanov:

"I really liked the film. What's unique about it is the narrative form. I like such style."

We remind you that the free festival films screenings continue from 9:00 am in the cinema network "Chaplin Cinemas" located at the SRC "MegaSilkWay" and SRC "Khan Shatyr."

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