The 14th EURASIA International Film Festival was held from 1 to 7 July 2018 in Astana, within the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Capital of Kazakhstan.

Within the Film Festival, competitive and non-competitive free screenings were held at "Chaplin" cinema network in MegaSilkWay and Khan Shatyr shopping and recreational centers. There were also the opening and closing ceremonies of the film festival with the participation of the world and local film stars.

On 6 July 2018 at 6:00 pm in the Central Concert Hall “Kazakhstan”, the closing ceremony of the 14th EURASIA International Film Festival was held.

The Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, the president of EURASIA International Film Festival Aiman Musakhadzhayeva, the famous local and foreign cinema representatives, the artistic intelligentsia took part in the event. The event start with Kazakhstani and foreign stars, guests and participants of the festival walked the red carpet. Popular actors of Kazakhstani cinema shared their impressions on the film festival.

Zhan Baizhanbaev, actor:

"I attended almost all Eurasia film festivals, with the exception of a few. During this time, I managed to watch several films. I have watched "Aga" film, that is very popular today. Great film. It reveals a very serious topic of forgiveness. The most important thing in family and love is forgiveness. Unfortunately, people forget that life is not so long. In any situation, one must learn to forgive."

Daniyar Alshinov, actor:

"I liked the festival. I managed to see about 5-6 films. There were worthy works, it is very nice that young actors are involved. In general, everything is very cool. The organization, the atmosphere - everything is gorgeous. Many thanks for these wonderful days of cinema in Astana!”

Aziz Beishenaliev, actor:

"For me, Eurasia Film Festival is always a big celebration. I come here to have fun and watch good movies!"


About 1000 applications were submitted this year for the competition and non-competition programs of the 14th EURASIA International Film Festival. Of these for International competition – 12 full-length films, 36 short films, "Caravan" - 9 films, "From the heart of Eurasia" - 9 films, "Netpac choice" - 3 films, "Around the World" - 10 films, "Special event" - 7 films, "Objective" documentary film program - 12 documental films from around the world, including Central Asia.

98 films are included in total for the competitive and non-competitive program. 21 films are made in Kazakhstan.

Within the film festival, the 2nd Eurasia Film Market took place. 70 companies, including 30 foreign companies and 40 Kazakhstani companies took part in the film market.

Also, within the Film Market, on 3 July 2018 the Eurasian Project Market, was completed. 31 scripts were submitted, 10 of which were selected for further participation in the competition.

According to the results of Eurasian Project Market, the jury determined the best among the participants. The first two prizes are the two-month internship in New York Film Academy. The prizes were given to "Ystyk kun, salkyn sira" (Amir Amenov, Kazakhstan) and "Lonely Pine" (Dalmira Tilepbergen, Kyrgyzstan) projects.

The second prize is a trip to the "A" class film festival, together with the delegation from Eurasia International Film Festival; the prize was given to "Shekara" project (Askhat Kuchinchirekov, Kazakhstan).

In addition, the jury decided to encourage "Chuko bones" project (Arthur Weber, Kyrgyzstan / Russia).

On 3 July 2018, within the 14th EURASIA International Film Festival, the round table was held, where topical issues related to the draft law on native cinema were discussed.